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  1. MY MISSION – To teach as many new drivers as possible how to drive safely on our roads! 

  2. MTO APPROVED DRIVING SCHOOL - Completion of my program DOES qualify you for lower insurance rates!  My credentials are available for viewing on my website or you can go to

  3. QUALITY OF INSTRUCTION – I do not just teach your beginner how to pass their road test. I teach them the defensive driving habits that are necessary to survive in today’s driving environment including spatial management, observation skills, situational awareness, communication.  I also do a vital segment on highway/freeway driving and how to merge properly onto a high speed roadway.

  4. CUSTOMER SERVICE – I am the only employee/instructor in my company.  Call me and interview me as well as other driving schools.  I will answer all your questions and put your mind at ease that your son/daughter is safe with me.

  5. PRICE! I do not have the same overhead as other driving schools with multiple cars/instructors and physical office/classroom space so I am able to offer the same quality course at a lower cost. 

Lessons / Courses Available

Beginner Drivers Ed

This course is fully MTO approved and includes:

20 hrs theoretical instruction - online - student completes modules at their own pace

10 hrs digital instruction

10 hrs in car instruction

Student receives MTO certification at the end of the course.

*Available to start anytime!

$800 incl HST

Individual Hourly Lessons

Review for an upcoming road test or take a lesson to help improve skills and/or confidence on the road.  Also great for seniors who have to do a road test to keep their licence.

$50/hr incl HST

Road Test Package

Includes a one hour warm up/review lesson prior to check in, then complete the road test in the instructor's vehicle.  This is a 2.5 hr time slot.

$125 incl HST

Fully MTO Certified

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